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Dredging has become an economically important and difficult regulatory process.  As the regulatory process has become

more challenging, the cost of dredging has dramatically increased.  Therefore, it has become advantageous for facility owners

to manage the entire dredging process.  OCC  has the proven track record for planning, permitting and managing complex

dredging projects for offshore disposal, re-profiling and upland disposal.


The dredging process starts with a condition survey of the facility.  This will provide the facility operator with volumes of material

required to be removed.  If this process is repeated over a period of time (as short as months or as long as years) the facility operator

will be able to project dredging needs for the facility which allows for the proper budgeting.


Since 1983 Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Inc. has been providing a diverse client base with inspection, planning, design,

permitting and construction management (resident engineering) services. OCCs clients extend from the homeowner with a private pier

of seawall to the multinational oil company. Project size has ranged from a few hundred dollars to 3.6 million dollars. OCC takes pride

in the fact that each client is treated with the same importance factor. OCC will get the job done, on time and within



OCC  works closely with the client in order to define the berth and channel areas and minimum operational water depths.  It may be

advantageous to modify the traditional dredge plan whereby the berth is more efficiently utilized while reducing dredge quantities.


OCC  uses condition surveys to perform the following tasks:

     Required sediment testing

     Prepare permit applications to the regulatory agencies

     Prepare contract documents


Once the permits have been obtained, OCC solicits bids from pre-qualified contractors and provides the client with recommendations

that address cost, schedule and project uncertainties.  Most likely, these project uncertainties are related to disposal options that could

have an impact on final cost or schedule.


OCC  will represent the client during all phases of actual dredging.  This representation could include pre-dredge hydrographic survey in

order to define the maximum contract amount, interfacing/scheduling vessel traffic, safety inspections, daily progress reports, progress

verification surveys and review of payment requests.  At the completion of the project, OCC would perform a final acceptance survey

that would be the basis of total compensation to the contractor.


OCC  is also able to provide full turn key dredging to its clients.


OCC s expertise includes:

  • Bulkheads

  • Steel

  • Timber

  • Vinyl                                                                    

  • Concrete

  • Piers

  • Wharfs

  • Seawalls

  • Mooring and Breasting Dolphins

  • Complex fender systems

  • Rehabilitating existing structures

  • Marine borer protection and related repairs                                                                   

  • Marinas/Yacht Clubs

  • Floating Dock Systems

  • Marine Travel Lift Facilities

  • Launching Ramps

  • Public Access

  • Overlooks

  • Fishing Piers

  • Boardwalks

  • Dredging Projects

  • Upland Disposal

  • Offshore Disposal

  • Re-profiling

  • Waterfront Site Planning

  • FEMA Flood Zone Determination

  • Breakwaters

  • Fixed, rubble mount

  • Fixed, wave attenuator

  • Floating

  • Beach Nourishment

  • Sand Bypassing

  • Dune Design

  • Residential foundation design in flood hazard areas





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