H Y D R O G R A P H I C   S U R V E Y S
H Y D R O G R A P H I C   S U R V E Y S
| Michele Jeanne Dickey |








High School Graduate



from February 1997 to Present

During the above period, I have been employed as Office Manager at Hydrographic Surveys.  My responsibilities include

marketing, scheduling, overseeing financial and human resources, developing proposals, coordinating clients, coordinating data

reduction and presenting reports.  I am skilled in both AutoCAD and Hypack Max.    


from September 1993 to August 1996

During the above period, I was self employed in a sales-based company.


from May 1991 to August 1993

During the above period, I was employed at Potamkin Car Dealership as a sales representative.  Potamkin went out of business.



Michele J. Dickey utilizes Hypack Max hydrographic survey software for post processing of data/operating system windows XP. 

All data is inspected thoroughly. Each survey run is viewed in Hypack Max software and compared to the fathometer analog, to be

sure they correspond.  Face soundings are always examined carefully during the post processing procedure.  Drawings are produced

in AutoCAD release 14.


Very ambitious.


Excellent management skills.


Michele has been the Office Manager at Hydrographic Surveys since 1997.  Michele handles all scheduling of field crews, client coordination issues, data reduction, plotting, report presentation and associated engineering.  Michele also performs many marketing, financial and human resources functions for Hydrographic Surveys.


AUGUST: 2007


Opened Michele Jeanne and Company, LLC to help meet our clients needs for large format printing. Became a public notary in New Jersey. Please visit our website at www.michelejeanne.com for more information.


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